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5th September, the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated since 1962 as Teachers Day. It is a day when we honor our teachers who are the back bone of the education system. This issue is dedicated to Teachers and Educators and the transformation education brings in an individual’s life. For demonstrating this aspect two institutions have been covered: one is the Dr Harun Solkar High School in Sai in Raigad district and the other is Shaheen Education society in Bidar. Both institutions emphasize that a successful education system is based not only on the facilities and infrastructure but mainly on the quality of teaching and dedication of the teachers. In both these institutions the percentage of girls is very high and their achievements laudable.

In recognition of the achievement of girls / women from the Muslim community , Inquilab and Midday group of publications have instituted a Women Achievers award which were presented by Shabana Azmi at a glittering function at the Grand Hyatt at Mumbai on 20th September . This issue has a write-up on Ayesha Aziz who was awarded for her achievement as India’s youngest pilot

This issue of Ehsas has following articles:

A Profile in Courage – Born To Fly- Ayesha Aziz by Humera Ahmed

A Madrasa which Promises Both Heaven and Earth- by Moin Qazi. It is a study of the phenomenal contribution of a Madrasa in Bidar which has reinvented the traditional Madrasa to meet the challenges of modern times.

Mirror by Purnima Mahesh, examines the unhealthy obsession for a fair complexion and its adverse psychological impact on society.

Managing Painful Mensuration- The Natural Way by Dr Sheikh Nikhat emphasizes on a healthy life style and diet.

Destiny Maze – is a delightful poem by Devika Kumar

A Model Village School – The Sai story by Humera Ahmed, demonstrates the change committed individuals can bring about in transforming rural India.

Hope you enjoy reading the issue. Wishing you a very happy Dassera

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Humera Ahmed
[Managing Editor]
Ehsas for women

Humera Ahmed

Ayesha Aziz ,India’s youngest pilot who obtained a pilot’s learning license at age 16 in 2011 is among the 10 women who were given the Women Achiever awards by the Inquilab Midday publication at a glittering function at Hotel Hyatt in Mumbai on 20th September .The chief guest of the function was the renowned actress Shabana Azmi


Humera Ahmed

About 14 km from the town of Mangaon in Raigad district is the small village of Sai. When you Google Sai village Raigad, it does not appear on the internet. But it has a state of the art school built by Advocate Harun Solkar nearly 40 years ago. Before 1978 Sai only had a primary school with classes up to 4th standard and then for further schooling the children had to go to Morba, a small town nearly 8km away. Harun Solkar who was born and grew up in Sai did exactly that – walking both ways which way back in the early forties when there were no proper roads and bus services was no easy task, especially when one had to cross the Morba ghat


By Moin Qazi

The South Indian city of Bidar -the northernmost part of Karnataka, 145 km from Hyderabad-is barely known beyond the subcontinent. But In recent years, it has built a great reputation in the field of education. It is drawing students from miles around, and the teaching pedagogy at its largest seminary (madrasa) with its amazing outcomes has baffled educationists. It is not just opening the gateway to modern careers but also strengthening the prospects of eternal salvation.


Dr. Shaikh Nikhat

Pain full menstruation also called Dysmenorrhea, literally translated as "difficult monthly flow." Although it's normal for most women to have mild abdominal cramps on the first day or two of their period, about 10% of women experience severe pain.


Destiny’s Maze
Devika Kumar

I searched in all the papers,
And bought the puzzle books,
I loved those little stretchers
For my mind –
Sometimes it was the jigsaws,
Sometimes the letters jumbled,
An odd-man-out or crossword
Once a while –


Purnima Mahesh

We are nearing to the end of the year and we had lot of promises and expectations at least in some aspects which unfortunately has not changed to say the least, thinking of which I have decided to cover one topic which is harmful from both health point of view as well as social implications and sadly resonates the backward thinking of some


Volume 1


Dear friends,

This is the first issue of Ehsas For Women - a magazine f or empowerment of women and for providing a platform to voice their views ,problems and concerns, as also to inform of the various agencies which are working for improving the condition of women belonging to the disadvantaged sections of society. ....


This issue is released on 10th December which is observed the World over as Human Rights Day , the date being selected by the United nations General Assembly when , in 1950,it adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all people and all nations .In1993 the Vienna Declaration and Programme of action envisaged concrete steps to be taken towards ensuring it .

Despite this ,majority of women who comprise nearly half the world population are denied equal rights and opportunities .In India where equal rights are enshrined in the constitution and where the state has brought about legislation for protection of women as well as formulated a National Policy for Empowerment of Women , a huge gap exists between the goals , policies ,legislations and situational reality in the status of women specially from the disadvantaged /marginalised and weaker sections of society .Women from these sections are denied access to education ,health and other resources .They face discrimination and are often victims of domestic and societal violence .

This issue of the e -Magzaine Ehsas carries the following :

A profile of BMMA a woman’s organisation fighting for equality and justice for Muslim women;

The success story of Saira Arab who despite several impediments has built her life and educated her daughter.

The section on Wellness and Health, has two articles :one on Diabetes by Hafsa Ahmed and the other on Diet during pregnancy by Nutritionist Saleema Khan

The section on financial literacy has two article :Help yourself Through Self Help Groups by Nandini Kapdi an officer of the Indian Audit And Accounts Service and Micro Credit by Moin Qazi an expert on Micro Credit and Banking

The Literary page carries the story Qudsia Begum by Parveen Talha the Co founder of the magazine from her recently released collection of short stories Fida-e –Lucknow .

Hope You enjoy the issue .

Humera Ahmed

Managing Editor




Dear Reader,

   On 8th March , the world observed International Women’s Day .On this  occasion the Secretary General  of UN  Mr Ban KE moon   in his message highlighted    the importance of achieving  equality for  women and girls  He stated that  it was essential  “not simply  because  it is a matter of  fairness and fundamental  human rights ,but because progress  in so many other areas depends on it .  Countries with  more gender equality have better economic growth …Parliaments with more women enact  more legislation on key social issues such as health , education , anti- discrimination and child support ...... Equality for woman is progress for all”. ..


Lets hope that that his message reaches   the citizens of the world and life for girls and women improves in the coming year  and  they are able to get education and equal opportunity and   be  able to realize their  full potential .

 Elections were announced on 5th March for the 16th Lok Sabha and it is hoped that it will be in position on 1st June as the term of the present one expires on 31st May. It is hoped that we will be able to see  a higher representation  of women parliamentarians  than the  previous Lok Sabha   who  will provide leadership  in  obtaining equal rights.  

24th January 2014   was observed as National Girl Child day and Mahrashtra Postal Circle had announced a competition to write an essay or poem or paint/draw on the subject: Save The Earth- Save The  Girl Child . The   wining poem is reproduced in the creative section of the magazine .

 In this second issue of the Ehsas for Women we have following articles:

A Profile of an institution; The National Mission for Empowerment of   Women

 Relief  To Victims OF Sexual Crimes: One Stop Rape Crisis Centers .

Profile in Courage and Forbearance ; story of Sakina       

Saving For Financial Empowerment:    by Moin Qazi

 Diet in Anemia : by Saleema Khan

 Ms Parveen Talha - a profile of the Padma Shri  awardee 

Asthama  - Causes and Cures  :by Hafsa Ahmed

A poem  ; The lament of a Throttled  girl child  by Afsari

 Hope  you like reading  this  issue .Do send in your comments ..

Humera Ahmed  

  Managing Editor

Dear Friends,
This is the 3rd issue of the e-magazine Ehsas For Women .A lot has happened since the last issue .The 16th Lok Sabha elections took place n and the results on May 16 gave a historic win to the NDA .But unfortunately it returned only 61women MPs in a house of 543elected members .Though it is a slight improvement over the previous Lok Sabha of 59Women, percentage wise it amounts to 11.3%, a far cry from the 33% envisaged. However Mr Modi who took charge as the 15th Prime Minister of India appointed 45 Ministers of which 8 are women: 7 being of cabinet rank and one state minister, with Independent charge. This is very encouraging sign and augers well for women .Moreover once again a woman was elected as speaker of Lok Sabha: the amiable and dignified MP from Indore Mrs Sumitra Mahajan.

Another event which is a cause to celebrate is the achievement of Poorna, the 13 year old daughter of farm labourers of Nizamabad district who became the youngest girl to scale the Everest! A detail of the Portfolios of the Women Ministers and other significant events concerning women is covered in the news section. In this issue we have the following articles: 1) Profile in Courage: The Story of Salma 2) Profile of an NGO: Bazm-e -Khawateen 3) Story of an institution: Cammo Jaffer Suleiman Girls High School 4) A Micro-Credit Success Story 5) Health Section: Thyroid Disorders 6) Nutrition: Mothers Milk 7) Creative Section: A Poem titled Compassion Hope you find the issue both informative and interesting. Wishing my Muslim friends a Happy Ramzan, a month for fasting prayer and good deeds .So do remember your disadvantaged sisters while distributing Zakat. Yours faithfully Humera Ahmed Managing Editor


Editorial Dear Reader, This is the fourth issue of Ehsasforwomen .Since the last issue, I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing women: Ramakka from Kurnool district, Narjis Khatoon from Yakub galli of Mohomed Ali Road, Urmila Jhaveri an expatriate from Tanzania and have recorded their remarkable achievements in this issue.


Editorial Dear Reader, Vol-V Editorial Dear Reader, A very happy new year to all of you This is the Vth issue of Ehsas for women and we are happy that the e-magazine has successfully completed a year. This is mainly due to our contributors and the response from our esteemed readers. After the 1Vth issue went on line , we heard the fantastic news of seventeen year old Malala Yusufzai , the Pakistani girl from the Swat valley who managed to survive the gun shots of the Taliban for spearheading the campaign for girl’s education, had been awarded the Nobel Prize for her struggle for the rights of all children for education , together with Kailash Satyarthi from India who has been fighting against child labor.


Editorial Dear Reader,
Dear friends,
The VI th issue Ehsas for Women is a special issue as world over 8 th March is celebrated as International Women’s day .The day provides an opportunity not only to celebrate the achievements of women but also exploring new paradigms for achieving equality ..The onus for creating a more equal world is also on women. It is befitting that the theme for Women’s Day 2015 is :Make It Happen.


Editorial Dear Reader,
Dear friends,
We are in the VIIth issue of our e-magazine and we are looking forward to a good monsoon so that farmers may get some respite from the havoc caused by unseasonal rain in Northern India and the Eastern Deccan plateau during March and April . The suicide rate of farmers keeps rising in Maharashtra


Editorial Dear Readers, The VIIIth issue of Ehsas For Women was due in September but due to unavoidable circumstances it has been slightly delayed since we were trying to cover two NGOs’ set up by two inspiring personalities ,located in two different cities : SAFA in Hyderabad and Prayatna Foundation in Lucknow.


This is our 1Xth issue and with it Ehsasfor women completes two years. I take this opportunity to thank our readers and well wishers .I also thank our contributors Saleema Rizvi , noted nutritionist for her contribution on Health and Wellness ,Moin Qazi Microfinance expert and ex banker for his enlightening articles on Microcredit and Financial inclusion and of course Devika , for her inspiring poems.


We are in the Xth issue of Ehsas For Women .This issue is significant since it marks the third year of the e-magazine and commemorates the International Women’s Day which was observed on 8th March 2016.On this occasion the Department of Post Government of India and United nations Postal Administration released a set of two stamps and a miniature sheet on India UN-women He For She a solidarity movement for gender equality initiated by UN Women , the goal of which is to engage men and boys as agents of change for achieving gender equality .The movement was formerly launched on20th September by the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon and UN women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson .An article He For She in the magazine gives further details .


We are in the eleventh issue of Ehsas for Women .June is a time of hope as it marks the onset of the much awaited monsoon which will ameliorate the misery of the draught hit farmers and cool the clime for easing the Ramzan fast of the faithful .


This is the 12th issue of Ehsas For Women and an occasion to celebrate Girl Power .Shuttler PV Sindhu , with a silver medal and wrestler Sakshi have done India proud at the Rio Olympics .PV Sindhu , the first woman to enter the badminton finals gave a hard fight to Spain’s Caroline Marine and Sakshi Malik became the first Indian women wrestler to win a medal .The celebrations in their home states of Haryana ,Telangana /Andhra capitulated them to Super sports star status and an inspiration to girls all over the country .With the crores awarded to them from Centre and State, and other gifts and cash that was showered on them overnight has raised the status of the girl child who hopefully will be seen as assets .and families will welcome the births of girl child and not plan to kill them or sell them as is described in a short story in this issue titled Right of Womb.


As I was writing the editorial for the 13th issue of Ehsas for women ,emphasizing the significance of November 25th the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women , the TV channels flashed the news :J. Jayalalitha , Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was critical!The screen filled with images of women wailing ,howling ,breast beating ,praying .Security was tightened - army and paramilitary forces put on alert .A team of Specialists and the best medical treatment were made available at the Apollo hospital . But despite it all , she passed away at 11.30p.m on 5th December plunging millions in grief .


Dear Friends,

The XIV issue of Ehsas for Women, is a Women’s day special issue .On 8th March, the world over, International Women’s Day is celebrated. The event commemorates the movement for women’s rights. The campaign theme for 2017 is Be Bold for Change.


Dear Friends,

This is the XVth issue of Ehsas for women. June is an important month – the monsoons begin and so doadmissions in schools and colleges. This year too the results established that girls were doing better than boys in the board exams and in the Civil Services


Dear Friends,

In the XVIth issue of Ehsas,we have some wonderful news from the women's front.

The Supreme Court on 22nd August delivered a historical 395-page judgment which declared the practice of talaq-e-biddat as unconstitutional by 3:2majority. Chief Justice Khahar and Justice Abdul Nazeer dissented. An extract of the Judgment is in the article titled : The Supreme Court Judgment- A step toward gender justice


Dear Friends,

We are witnessing a revolution which can transform gender and social relations world over. Yes ,I am referring to the #Me Too campaign started, in October 15 by Alyssa Milano, Hollywood actress and social activist when she through her Twitter account posted a message encouraging survivors of sexual harassment and assault to use the hash tag as a status update to sexual misconduct experienced in the wake of Harry Weinstein’s expulsion from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science for alleged sexual misconduct against women in the film industry. The expulsion was a fallout of two reports published in New York Times and The New Yorker alleging that Weinstein ,co-founder of Miramax and a powerful executive of Hollywood entertainment industry had in the past thirty years used his position to sexually abuse and harass women promising future success .The horrendous casting couch revelation didn’t just shock but also elicited praise for the Silence Breakers –the title given by Times Magazine for their “Person of the Year”.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to this special Women’s Day issue of Ehsas for Women .We have completed another year of our existence and have been able to showcase numerable success stories of courageous women who have been able to transcend social problems ,physical handicaps and financial constraints and find a place in the sun.


Dear Friends,

The XIXth issue is a special issue focusing on saving our Environment.

But first let me wish you all on behalf of team Ehsas, a belated happy Eid-ul Fitr.